What Happened to Laura and Tyler From ‘The Amazing Race’? See Where the Winners Are Now

Season 26 of The Amazing Race was truly unlike any season fans had ever seen before. Six longtime couples competed against five brand-new couples who first met at the starting line. The show tested long-term relationships and the new ones that formed during the season, including the eventual winners, Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams. Scroll below to find out what happened to the team after the show. 

What Happened to Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams From ‘The Amazing Race’? 

Laura and Tyler were one of the blind dating couples who met during the premiere episode in 2015. At the time, she was working as a talent booker, while he founded a mobile app. Though they didn’t know anything about each other at the start of the show, they quickly found their momentum as they navigated all 12 legs of the race.

The pair ended up winning three legs of the series and were able to form bonds with some of the other teams that helped them along the way. Blind dating couple Hayley Keel and Blair Townsend were the frontrunners of the season but a mistake during the final Roadblock cost them the win. It was Laura and Tyler who made it to the finish line first, as the first-ever couple to win the show without having a pre-existing relationship beforehand.

They traveled to five continents and eight countries during a 21-day span to win the $1 million prize. At the finish line, host Phil Keoghan wondered if a love connection blossomed between the pair during the race. Tyler declared that he “found love with the world” and “found a lasting friendship” with Laura.

After the finale episode aired, the app developer offered another update on the status of his relationship with his race partner. 

"We're definitely still friends," he said during a May 2015 interview with Parade. "This is an experience we'll never forget and only the two of us will ever be able to share. It's awesome."

Where Are Laura and Tyler From ‘The Amazing Race’ Now?

Though they did not end up finding love on The Amazing Race, Laura and Tyler did end up forming lasting friendships with their competitors. On her Instagram account, Laura has shared several photos hanging out with fellow contestant Jackie Ibarra and alums from the show like James Wallington and William Jardell. She and Tyler are not currently dating. 

Laura and Tyler ‘The Amazing Race’: Where Winners Are Now
Laura and Tyler ‘The Amazing Race’: Where Winners Are Now

Laura is now an Emmy-nominated executive producer and worked for GAC Family’s digital platform. She continues to pursue her passion for traveling all across the world. As for Tyler, he’s also remained very career-oriented since his time on the show. The entrepreneur started his own software security company in 2018 called CertifID. As for his current relationship status, he remains pretty private about his love life.