Hannity presses Tulsi Gabbard on her opposition to Ukraine aid: 'You're ducking'

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) appeared Thursday on Hannity where she and Sean Hannity got into it over whether or not the U.S. and NATO allies should continue to give military aid to Ukraine in its fight against the unprovoked Russian invasion.

When Hannity asked if it would be wise for the world to stop the “megalomaniac murdering thug” Vladimir Putin, Gabbard answered, “We have to look at the world as it exists in reality, not the world that we wish existed.” “You’re ducking,” Hannity said. “Tulsi, I’m asking a real question here.”

Despite Ukraine pushing back the Russian offensive in parts of the country, and the Russian military suffering heavy losses, Gabbard, who has repeatedly pushed Russian propaganda, argued that the real cruelty is giving Ukrainians hope by supporting them militarily.

It is not strategically possible to think that Ukraine is going to beat Russia.Tulsi Gabbard

“Give them nothing because Russia has nukes and they might use them,” Hannity said. “That’s your answer?” “We’ve provided a tremendous amount of support to Ukraine,” Gabbard said, “not only now, but over the years so that they have the ability to defend themselves. And the Ukrainian military…” “But should we give them the weapons so they can — you’re not answering,” Hannity cut in. “Should we give them the weapons to win the war? They’re doing a great job. Everyone acknowledges that. Should we give them — and Europe — give them the weapons if they’re willing to fight for their country?” “They can’t win this war, Sean,” Gabbard answered. “This is the real world that we live in. It is not strategically possible to think that Ukraine is going to beat Russia.”

Hannity once again pressed Gabbard for a straight answer to his question, but didn’t get it.

“When you see images of dead women and children, and when you see neighborhoods blown out … you do not think we should provide them the weapons to defend themselves. I just want to know, yes or no?”

As the two continued to argue and talk over each other, Gabbard’s response was a roundabout way of saying that the U.S. and NATO should stop supporting Ukraine and hand victory to Russia so the war will come to an end.

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