Hannah Ferrier Reveals Something She “Never Thought" She Would Share

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In need of a good laugh? Hannah Ferrier has you covered.

On January 19, the Below Deck Mediterranean alum took to Instagram to share a slightly embarrassing — but very amusing — story that occurred six years ago. Hannah posted a Flashback Friday selfie in which she was seen sitting in a car with a shocked expression and an unsightly substance on her face.

“So I NEVER thought I would share this on Instagram but it makes everyone laugh when I tell them the story so here I am!!” she captioned the post, which included vomit face emojis. “This was taken in my car about 6 years ago. I was sitting outside my girlfriends house texting her to let her know I’d arrived for our lunch date and half way through the text a bird managed to have perfect timing and deposit its lunch directly through my sunroof and onto my face!!!”

Hannah Ferrier wonders if the bird-poop incident brought her good luck

Headshot of Hannah Ferrier wearing a straw hat.
Headshot of Hannah Ferrier wearing a straw hat.

Here's What Hannah Ferrier Has Been Up to Since Below Deck Mediterranean

Although having a bird poop on you isn’t very desirable, Hannah pointed out that some cultures consider it a sign of good fortune.

“There’s an old wives tale that it’s good luck – and I met my husband about 3 months later so maybe it has some credit!!” she continued. “Ahhh well – shit happens!!! Has anything like this ever happened to you?!”

Hannah Ferrier shares updates on her family life

Hannah Ferrier and her husband Josh Roberts smiling for a selfie together.
Hannah Ferrier and her husband Josh Roberts smiling for a selfie together.

Hannah Ferrier posts an image of herself and her husband, Josh Roberts, to her instagram account. Photo: Hannah Ferrier/Instagram

Hannah took on the chief stew role in Seasons 1-4 of Below Deck Mediterranean. The Australian native exited the series in 2019, about a year before she and her then-boyfriend, Josh Roberts, welcomed their first child together. The couple got engaged several months later and officially tied the knot in 2022.

Style Living Ig Bdm Hannah Ferrier Honeymoon
Style Living Ig Bdm Hannah Ferrier Honeymoon

Hannah Ferrier and Her Husband Are “Living [Their] Best Life”

Hannah spoke about her “BIG” life changes in a series of Instagram posts this past summer, confirming she and her hubby were moving to France along with their daughter, Ava.

“We are relocating to my second home in South of France for the next 4 months!!!” she wrote in the July 2, 2023 post. "[There are] so many reasons we are doing this but the biggest by far is to create memories for our gorgeous family and show Ava Europe. She is growing up so so fast … and we are ready to spread our wings and go and see what the world has to offer!!… I’m so excited to share this journey with you guys and I want to share the good, bad and ugly with you!”

Since then, Hannah has provided regular looks into her post-Bravo life, which has been filled with love and tons of adventure. Over the past two months, the Below Deck Mediterranean alum has shared photos of her cruise vacation with friends, her Christmas celebration, and her family’s boating excursion off Dangar Island.