Halsey Shares Relatable "Struggle" They're Experiencing 2 Months After Giving Birth

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After welcoming their first baby, Halsey is reaching out to show support for fellow moms as the star struggles to navigate a common aspect of the postpartum experience.

On Thursday, Sept. 9, the "Colors" singer posted a message on Twitter. "My pregnancy has changed my body so much," they wrote. "Learning how to have a personal sense of style when you're not used to your new shapes has become a real struggle. To all the mommas (or really just anyone going thru something similar) I feeeel you."

Halsey, who gave birth to Ender Ridley Aydin in July, is also dealing with another frustrating aspect of the postpartum experience. "The pressure to look 'androgynous' as a means of gender non-confirming expression (as a big titty breastfeeding mom) coupled with expectation to have a perfect body right after birth is a cocktail of confusion," they continued. "I'm patiently reminding myself to do me in any way that feels good."

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The singer added, "It's all bulls--t and we are all doing our best. Anyways, just some vulnerable thoughts. If you relate you're not alone :)"

In February, months before Halsey welcomed their first child with partner Alev Aydin, the pop star wrote on Instagram about the effect pregnancy has had on their body. "It's strange to watch yourself change so quickly," Halsey said. "I thought pregnancy would give me very strong, binary feelings about 'womanhood' but truly it has leveled my perception of gender entirely."

The singer, who changed their pronouns to she/they on their Instagram bio in March, continued, "My sensitivity to my body has made me hyper aware of my humanness and that's all. Doing a remarkable thing. And it's grand. I hope the feeling lasts."

Meanwhile, Halsey is also embracing the advantages of motherhood.

"Are [you] comfortable with being called a milf?" one person asked them on Twitter on Thursday, to which they responded, "Hell yeah I waited my whole life for this!!!!!"