Halo Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained, Spoilers & Recap: Has Makee Returned?

Halo Season 2 Episode 2 ending explained spoilers recap makee alive
Halo Season 2 Episode 2 ending explained spoilers recap makee alive

Here’s Halo Season 2 episode 2’s ending explained featuring spoilers and an overall recap of the events that occurred. Dive into our breakdown and find out what happened and whether Makee has returned.

What happened at the end of Halo Season 2 Episode 2?

Halo season 2 episode 2 ended with the threat of Covenant invasion on Reach.

Episode 2, titled “Sword” had quite a few mysteries to solve. We saw James Ackerson possibly holding the real Dr. Halsey captive in some ONI prison. She could be a simulation. But she was likely caught and Ackerson was put in charge of her between Seasons 1 and 2.

After Cortana was separated from Master Chief (who regained consciousness without her in episode 1), Ackerson took control of her. He also has the smaller piece of the Halo Keystone in his possession. Meanwhile, Master Chief and his Silver Team left to investigate the missing Cobalt Team of SPARTANs as Master Chief figured out that they never really left Reach.

Chief witnessed how the Covenant was able to bring down the comms on Sanctuary before attacking. So, he realized that the reason Cobalt didn’t return or make contact was because the Covenant had already infiltrated Reach. They brought the comms down again and possibly got to the Cobalt SPARTANs. The episode ended with the squidheads making their move on the larger Halo Keystone somewhere on Reach along with “The Blessed One”.

How is Makee “The Blessed One” alive in Halo Season 2?

After seemingly dying in Season 1, Makee aka The Blessed One makes her return possibly after being healed, revived, or cloned by the Covenant.

Master Chief saw Makee on Sanctuary and mentioned that to Kai-125, who refuted the idea of her survival as she shot her. The ending of Season 1 showed Makee’s demise. But now that she has surprisingly returned in Season 2, there are three possibilities for how it happened.

The first could be that her wound was severe, but not life-ending. Since her special connection to the Keystone would provide the Covenant with their sacred star map, they had no choice but to bring her back to life. So, they could have used their technology to heal Makee, or perhaps resurrect her, which is the second possibility.

The third is cloning. Since clones play a significant role in this universe, it’s possible that the Covenant would have somehow figured out how to clone Makee in the case of her death. But would her clone carry a similar connection with the keystone is a question that many would ask. So, among the three options, the possibility of the Covenant healing her wounds is the likeliest answer.

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