Hallmark Media’s 2023 Movie Lineup: A Complete Guide to Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ New Films

Movie mayhem! Hallmark Media hit the ground running in 2023, releasing six new films — and that was only the beginning.

The network’s January releases included three new installments of the Wedding Veil trilogy, starring Lacey Chabert, Autumn Reeser and Alison Sweeney on Hallmark Channel and an all-new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries franchise, Family History Mysteries: Buried Past.

“I hope we do get the chance to reunite. I would love that,” Sweeney exclusively told Us Weekly in October 2022, teasing the future of The Wedding Veil movies, which first aired in 2022. “I honestly loved those movies so much, especially because of the opportunity to work with Lacey and Autumn and [learn] how wonderful, great, awesome strong women they are.”

The former soap opera actress, who was the lead in 2022’s The Wedding Veil Legacy, noted that she was excited to potentially see the women again on set.

“I can't tell you, like, for so many reasons it was so much fun, but not the least of which it was everyone running lines in someone's hotel room one night, like, drinking wine and hanging out,” Sweeney told Us. “It was like being at camp or something. We had so much fun together. It's like perfect.”

Chabert, meanwhile, told Entertainment Tonight in January 2023 how happy she was to be able to tell three more stories for the franchise that month.

"The reason I was so excited for this story to continue is typically these movies end with that last kiss or the characters falling in love, and we finally get to see what happens when they’re in a relationship and what happens in these marriages and what they’re doing next," the Mean Girls actress said. "Are they starting families? Are they having homes together? Are they building their careers? And what kind of complications and problems are they having? You want to see the fun they’re having together too."

The following month, Hallmark kicked off its annual “Loveuary” programming, jam-packed with new stories and rom-coms in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

“I’ve been pretty lucky with Hallmark. [I’ve had] great movies with great people. And also, I’ve been really lucky to shoot in some really lovely locations,” Dan Jeannotte, who stars in 2023’s Sweeter Than Chocolate, exclusively told Us in February while promoting the movie. “Honestly, and I’m not just saying this because this is the movie I’m promoting now, [but] this movie is my favorite of the Hallmark movies.”

He continued: “When I first read the script, it immediately struck me as a different kind of story than some of these rom-coms tend to be. Because we weren’t just focused on the love story between the two main characters. You also get to see these snippets of a lot of different kinds of love stories.”

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