Hallmark Channel’s Tyler Hynes Wants to ‘Pull the Gloves Off’ and Play Andrew Walker’s Rival

Hallmarks Tyler Hynes Open to Playing Andrew Walkers Rival
Andrew Walker and Tyler Hynes Emily Assiran/Getty Images for That’s 4 Entertainment
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Tyler Hynes is always open to working with longtime friend Andrew Walker in the Hallmark universe — even if that means facing off as sparring partners.

“I mean, [being] rivals is a great pitch. I think that's a great idea,” Hynes, 37, exclusively told Us Weekly on Monday, March 18, while promoting his latest Hallmark film, Shifting Gears. “I hadn’t thought of being rivals, but that would be a blast.”

In addition to being friends and Hallmark stars, Hynes and Walker, 44, are family. Walker’s wife, Cassandra Troy, is one of Hynes’ cousins, but that doesn’t mean the actors wouldn’t be up to tussle on screen.

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“We'd have to really pull the gloves off,” Hynes teased of a possible movie rivalry scenario. “We'd have to really go after each other in all fun, but just really, really take the piss. You know what I mean?”

While there isn’t a Hallmark project in the works with Hynes and Walker as foes, Hynes told Us he was “going to steal” the idea.

After playing brothers in 2022’s Three Wise Men and a Baby, fans have been clamoring for another Hynes, Walker and Paul Campbell collaboration — and they all know it.

Hallmarks Tyler Hynes Open to Playing Andrew Walkers Rival
Andrew Walker Courtesy of Andrew Walker/Instagram

“There’s definitely more stories to be told amongst Andrew, Paul and I [and writer Kimberley Sustad],” Hynes told Us, noting that together they have a “good little crew” that is open to more films in the Hallmark universe.

He added: “There's a lot to figure out, but definitely there's more fun to be had there putting people in different dynamics up against each other.”

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Hynes isn’t just up to reunite with his Three Wise Men costars, he told Us that there are a “few” Hallmark movies he’d love to see get a sequel.

“I think It Was Always You simply because this is a movie that gets mentioned a lot and Erin [Krakow] is a friend,” the actor revealed. “We've definitely both [been] passionate about each other's work and want to do it again.”

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Hynes called the 2021 rom-com one that would be “fun” to “explore” again. “I think those characters [with] Erin would be an interesting sequel,” he shared. “I don't know if it's going to happen though. It would be fun.”

Although Hynes isn’t sure which of his Hallmark movies will get another installment, viewers will get to see him this month in, Shifting Gears.

In the film, which premieres on Saturday, March 23, Hynes faces off against his former girlfriend, female mechanic Jess (Katherine Barrell), in a car restoration competition.

Hallmarks Tyler Hynes Open to Playing Andrew Walkers Rival
Katherine Barrell and Tyler Hynes Hallmark/Albert Camicioli

“Everybody was just pretty enthusiastic and certainly encouraged by [director Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe] to bring their enthusiasm and creative touch under her guidance as an actor herself,” Hynes said of the project, which marks Hallmark’s first film as part of its Make Her Mark Women’s Directing Program. “She's very accommodating and enthusiastic about the performances and what could be gotten from them.”

Hynes gushed: “I think everybody was just kind of infected with Crystal's energy. Everybody got along really, really well.”

Shifting Gears premieres on Hallmark Channel Saturday, March 23, at 8 p.m. ET.