Who Is Hallmark Channel’s Andrew Walker? 6 Things to Know About the ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby’ Star

Something sweet! Andrew Walker has been making Hallmark Channel fans swoon for a decade — his first movie with the network was in 2012 — and he has no plans of slowing down. The 43-year-old actor has been turning heads since his debut in A Bride for Christmas. Walker has since appeared in more than 20 movies for the company, including holiday hits and seasonal classics. The Montreal native has been acting since the early ‘90s, and his status as a Hallmark Channel leading man has only furthered his career. In fact, Walker’s seniority on the network has allowed him to not only chose his projects but continue to grow his company, Little West, at the same time. “I do get a script and I get to read through it, and say, ‘Hey, do you want to take this one? Do you want to wait for the next one?’” Walker told Lolly Christmas in November 2019, noting his family and “responsibilities” in California play a part in his decisions. “I have a small business in L.A. that my wife and I started years ago — a juice company — so I have to take all of that into consideration.” The Bottled With Love star noted that sometimes he picks and chooses based on location or script, while other roles make the cut thanks to the ensemble cast. “Nine and half times out of 10, I usually take the project no matter what because, it’s great — Hallmark has a ‘No a–hole’ policy so, usually I’m working with really great people,” Walker explained. “People that reciprocate the same kind of set mentality but, all in all, I do get to pick and choose — and it’s really great that I’m able to do that right now in my career.” Walker’s Dying for Chocolate: A Curious Caterer Mystery costar Nikki DeLoach certainly fits that bill, as the two actors have a history of working together for Hallmark Channel. The duo previously starred in 2016’s A Dream of Christmas, 2017’s The Perfect Catch and 2020’s Sweet Autumn. “Can you believe we’re shooting another movie together?” Walker joked during a “Curious Questions” video interview for the network in April ahead of its 2022 premiere. DeLoach, meanwhile, gushed about her longtime friend, explaining that she is a fan of “how smart he is.” She added: “He knows a lot about a lot of things.” The Maple Valley Christmas actor’s real-life friendships are also featured in 2022’s “Countdown to Christmas” film Three Wise Men and a Baby, which premieres on Saturday, November 19. The movie features Walker as eldest child Luke and fan favorites Tyler Hynes and Paul Campbell as his brothers Taylor and Stephan, respectively. “We spent lunches together. We spent in between shooting together, all the time,” Walker told Southern Living in November of the shooting process. “We chose to really work the details.” The actor also teased the men’s camaraderie on social media, sharing behind-the-scenes footage from the goofy set. “Heard you needed a little Christmas, right this very minute. Me & my boys are on it 😉,” Walker captioned a September Instagram video of the trio wearing elf costumes while walking out of their trailer to Poison’s song “Nothin’ But a Good Time.” Three Wise Men and a Baby airs on Hallmark Channel Saturday, November 19, at 8 p.m. ET. Scroll down to learn more about Walker: