Halle Berry Takes Action When Her Son Is Abducted in New 'Kidnap' Trailer

In the grand tradition of American exploitation cinema, Kidnap tells the oh-so-B-movie-ish tale of a mother who takes justice into her own hands after her son is unexpectedly snatched by some menacing kidnappers. Starring Oscar-winner Halle Berry, the film’s initial trailers made the upcoming release appear to be a female-led variation on Taken. Its third promo (watch it above) bolsters that impression.

As the new trailer makes very clear, director Luis Prieto’s upcoming thriller will be a straightforward tale of a furious mother on a rescue mission to reclaim her abducted boy. Refusing to just wait around and file a police report — a situation that a station’s flyers convince her just wastes precious time — Berry’s mom gets proactive, initiating a raucous chase after the redneck perpetrators both on foot and in a car. What follows is slam-bang action that looks tailor-made to manipulate viewers’ sense of righteous anger, culminating with Berry’s wannabe-iconic money line: “You took the wrong child!”

It looks exactly like the kind of lean, mean genre film that usually finds its way into theaters in mid-summer promising thrills and a respite from the heat. Kidnap revs into theaters on August 4.

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