Halle Berry Reminds Us How Important Masturbation Is With This Video About Her First Orgasm

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Halle Berry is relaunching “Bad and Booshy,” a video series where she answers all her fans’ sex questions with close friend Lindsay Flores (AKA Boosh). “Honestly? Some of y’all are nasty” Berry wrote under her latest video, but hey — the Die Another Day star is always willing to go there if her fans are up for it. In fact, we’ve been seeing Berry flaunting herself and her sexuality more than ever in recent years, and this new peek into her sex life was no exception. Detailing her first-ever orgasm, Berry reveals that she was masturbating at age 11 and figuring out her own sexuality when she first experienced it. And while Berry’s just speaking to her own experience, it’s an important “first” for women to hear about for a couple reasons.

While our cultural ideas about heterosexual sex have plenty to do with men reaching orgasm, it’s the sad truth that women can be sexually active for years (decades, even) without ever reaching orgasm, or even really knowing that they’re meant to. In fact, over 90% of women surveyed say they’re not able to orgasm from penetrative sex alone, and it’s much more likely that women will experience pleasure through self-exploration than through their first few partnered sexual encounters.

Enter Halle Berry, with her sex-positive vision of an adolescent girl’s first orgasm. “I remember my first orgasm, and I did it to myself,” she told Boosh. “[I was] 11. I was figuring out my sexuality like most girls.”

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Until our cultural training catches up with teaching women that it’s important to prioritize their pleasure, we’ll leave it to Berry to inspire women everywhere that there’s nothing wrong with learning what makes you tick sexually — and it might just change the sex you’re having with anyone else too.

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