Halle Berry Recalls Her First Orgasm at 11 Years Old in NSFW Video

Cydney Contreras
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Halle Berry is baring all—and this time it's not for a movie role.

The Oscar-winning actress and her friend, Lindsay Flores, took happy hour to a new level with their discussion that covered sex, sex and more sex.

What prompted this raunchy Q&A? Well, the ladies took questions from their followers, and as Halle put it on her Instagram, "Some of y'all are nasty."

To start things off, Lindsay and Halle were questioned about their first orgasm. While Lindsay struggled to recall the details like who, what, where, when and how, Halle remembered it like it was yesterday. The star shared, "I remember my first orgasm... I did it to myself."

Lindsay, or Booshy as she's nicknamed, marveled at the idea and asked how old Halle was during the experience, to which the actress revealed she was only 11.

Halle said, "I was diddling. I was figuring out my sexuality, like most girls."

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Lauren couldn't draw out the memory of the first time she finished, but she joked, "Well, it was recently."

Then, the women mused over what sex position the other person most embodied. Again, Halle was quick to reply, telling Lauren, "You'd be a behind banger."

After they discussed what a "behind banger" entails, Lauren decided that Halle was also that position.

Finally, Halle was stumped by a question. Or, to be more accurate, she was a bit shy about answering. Instead of responding, Halle said no, shrugged her shoulders and defiantly stared at the camera.

This time, Lauren confidently revealed her "craziest sexual escapades," which was a late night romp in plain view of the famous Laurel Canyon road.

Halle Berry, The Late Late Show With James Corden
Halle Berry, The Late Late Show With James Corden

Halle may be open about her sex life, but she doesn't exactly kiss and tell.

This summer, the star played coy about her relationship with a mystery man. On Instagram she posted photos of her and a man's feet, eliciting speculation about his identity.

It was only in September that the actress revealed she is dating musician Van Hunt. She kept details to a minimum, writing on Instagram, "Now ya know."

And now it seems like we know a lot more.