Halle Berry Has the Best Reaction While Battling a Major Wardrobe Malfunction

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Dealing with one wardrobe malfunction can be enough on its own. (I mean, we can’t all be Taylor Swift, who is just one of many celebrities who handled a major outfit fiasco like a total pro while performing onstage at her Eras Tour last month.) But having to tackle multiple wardrobe faux pas?! Yeah, that requires a special kind of skill—and actress Halle Berry just proved that she can handle numerous wardrobe malfunctions in the most hilarious way possible.

On June 10, the Bruised star posted an Instagram video of herself trying to take off an Anna Quan outfit she wore to an event just hours before, which consisted of a black strapless top, a white collared shirt and a black silk midi skirt with a thigh-high slit. She completed the chic fashion look with a pair of black sky-high heels.

The video starts with Berry’s stylist, Lindsay Flores, trying to help her take off the top. “Let’s get this baby off,” the 57-year-old actress says in the clip. As Flores struggles to get it off, Berry can’t stop laughing.

“Ow!” the Catwoman alum says and proceeds to point to the zipper on the side of the top, adding, “You’re making it harder than it has to be.” Meanwhile, Berry experiences another wardrobe malfunction when her boobs (covered by a heart emoji) are shown on camera “Why do you have me in this?” Berry asks, to which her stylist responds, “It looked good.” (Well, she’s not wrong. See the video below.)

While bursting with laughter, Berry suggests, “We might have to cut it off.” She even blurts out, “Anna Quan, we might have to cut this s*** off.” Finally, Flores manages to free one arm from the sleeve. But there is still one problem. As they both try to free the other arm, Flores says, “We gotta grease up your elbow,” and proceeds to lick Berry’s elbow—and it works!

Berry proceeds to slide her other arm out and breathes a sigh of relief. The clip ends with Berry exiting the dressing room with the top in her arms. She captioned the post, “Bad and Booshy back at it slaving for fashion! @iamlindsayflores.”

You know what they say, “Beauty is pain.”

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