Halle Bailey's Latest Mani Is Like a Chocolate Vanilla Twist

I scream, you scream, we all scream for this manicure.

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If you’re still in awe after watching the live-action The Little Mermaid, don’t worry, we are too. From the film’s magical underwater world to Halle Bailey’s Ariel vocals, we can’t seem to get enough of the movie or the star. Bailey has been posting about the film nonstop lately, but she finally sat down to enjoy some quiet time by the pool—and her ice cream twist manicure is the best part.

On June 6, Bailey shared an Instagram photo of herself sitting poolside wearing a turquoise swimsuit with a halter neckline and a keyhole cutout. She paired the look with strappy teal sandals, a gold anklet, gold hoops, and an orange puffed shrug overtop. While she swapped out her copper Ariel locks for a black ponytail, we can’t help but note that her turquoise and orange outfit is giving off major mermaid vibes (especially as she sits perched on a stool that looks like a seaside rock).

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The overall look is incredible, but a closer look at her manicure is what really got our attention. She wears a soft serve-inspired manicure with a comfortable medium round length. Her nails aren’t all one color—Bailey alternated between brown and white nail polish on each nail, making her overall manicure look like a chocolate and vanilla twist ice cream cone.

Bailey called on a few renditions of the reigning milk bath nail trend, the first being the original milk bath manicure, which uses a soft cream color to create a natural look in the nails. The second is the chocolate milk manicure, which uses brown shades that can create the same natural look but with a darker twist. Unlike the many celebs who have played it safe by choosing either one trend or the other, Bailey had fun with the look by combining both into the same manicure.

It’s almost too easy to recreate Bailey’s nails: all you need is a base coat, pale cream nail polish, brown nail polish, and a top coat. After pushing your cuticles back, filing your nails, and buffing the nail plate for a smooth finish, apply a base coat to help fill any ridges in your nails. Then, paint your thumb, middle, and pinky finger with two coats of brown nail polish. After that, paint the remaining fingers with two coats of cream nail polish. Finally, seal the entire look in with top coat for a manicure that looks good enough to eat.

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