Haley Lu Richardson Loves Digging Through Thrift Shops — and Now You Can Buy Her Used Clothes at thredUP (Exclusive)

Richardson, who is an avid thrift shopper, partnered with thredUP to sell 100-plus pieces from her closet — and told PEOPLE all about it



If there’s one thing Haley Lu Richardson knows and loves — besides the Jonas Brothers — it’s thrifting.

The White Lotus star, 28, tells PEOPLE that one of her favorite hobbies is setting aside an afternoon to hit up a thrift store to see what she can find.

“I pride myself on my thrift finds,” she says of her love of circular shopping and sustainability. “I can have a good time thrifting literally anywhere I am. I was just in Arizona with my family and I must have gone to four different [thrift stores] in less than a week. I love the hunt of it. I thrive in it.”

And while she likes a curated vintage shop, it’s not the same as a true thrift store where everything is chaotically thrown together.



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“I got to the bins where there’s literally just piles and piles in these plastic bins, and I even put my gloves on to dig through to find things that have been, like vomited on,” she says with a laugh. “It’s an experience! It really sparks joy for me.”

Given that joy, Richardson recently teamed up with thredUP on its latest campaign. The actress is selling more than 100 pieces from her own closet with the online consignment retailer — and prices start at just $7.

The “seamless” partnership launched on June 7 and features items like a Marc Jacobs bag that Richardson was wearing when she met the Jonas Brothers, a shirt that she bought while filming The White Lotus in Italy and a pair of heels that her stylist customized for her to wear to the Independent Spirit Awards.

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The Marc Jacobs bag was particularly hard for Richardson to part with — especially because of the emotional tie to the moment she met the Jonas Brothers, of whom she's a huge fan — but she tells PEOPLE that she knew it was a bag she wouldn’t reuse, which meant it was time to let it go.

“Here’s the way I think about it. When I met Nick [Jonas], I was wearing that purse, and he gave me his guitar pick that he used that night at the concert,” she tells PEOPLE. “So I was like, I think since I have pictures of me with Nick, I think I can let go of this purse that I most likely won’t wear again. And I will never sell the guitar pick. I hope that someone buys that purse that also loves the Jonas Brothers so they can understand how big of a deal it is that I hugged Nick, Joe and Kevin wearing that purse around my shoulders.”

Richardson’s other thrifting offerings include various items from her closet, including other pieces she’s rethrifting — because she’ll literally thrift everywhere she goes.

“Whenever I'm on location filming, I like seeing what the thrift is like there,” she says, adding that her best finds thus far have been in Montana. “I got this really cool jacket there. I found the best vintage Levi's, the best leather suede. It's very authentic Western stuff. I have a really cool jacket that I got thrifting there that I love so much, but I live where it's hot, so I don't really need a shearling coat.”

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And while turning over her closet was a bit of a struggle for the actress, she tells PEOPLE that she enjoyed the challenge of clearing out things that deserved a new home. Plus, she says she had a lot of fun taking pictures of herself with the pieces that would soon be off to new homes.

“These things have been special to me throughout my life,” she says.

Along with the pieces Richardson is selling from her own collection, shoppers can also find other styles inspired by Richardson’s eclectic aesthetic with thredUP’s curated picks, all chosen to match Richardson’s own closet.

As for whose closets Richardson would like to shop from? That would be Stevie Nicks, Betsey Johnson and Emma Chamberlain. She says she can only imagine what may be tucked away in all three of their collections.

You can find all of Richardson’s picks on thredUP now, and learn more about sustainable fashion on thredUP’s website. While there, you can also use thredUP’s Fashion Footprint Calculator to find out how to live a more fashionably sustainable lifestyle.

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