Hailey Bieber Is ‘Scared’ to Start a Family With Husband Justin Bieber: ‘I Want Kids So Bad’

Hailey Bieber Scared to Start a Family With Husband Justin Bieber
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Looking to the future. Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) opened up about the pros and cons of possibly raising children with Justin Bieber in the public eye.

The 26-year-old model got candid about her hopes for starting a family during an interview with The Sunday Times published on Sunday, May 14. "I literally cry about this all the time! I want kids so bad, but I get scared," she said. "It's enough that people say things about my husband or my friends. I can't imagine having to confront people saying things about a child."

Despite her concerns, Hailey doesn't want to close the door completely. "We can only do the best we can to raise them," she added. "As long as they feel loved and safe."

The Rhode founder reconnected with Justin, 29, in June 2018 after briefly dating three years prior. The twosome got engaged one month after rekindling their romance — and just four months after his split from on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez in March 2018. Fans have questioned the timeline of the two relationships for years, but Hailey set the record straight during a September 2022 interview.

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"As a woman, I would never want to get into a relationship with someone and be engaged to them and be getting married to them and think in the back of my mind, 'I wonder if that was really closed for you,'" she said on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast. "I know for a fact that the reason we were able to get back together was because it was very much completely closed."

The couple tied the knot at a New York City courthouse in September 2018, exchanging vows again in a second ceremony one year later. Hailey and the "Peaches" crooner have been candid about facing challenges in their marriage over the years — and have frequently spoken about not rushing to expand their family.

"Hailey still has some things she wants to accomplish as a woman," the Canada native said during a December 2020 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I think she just is not ready yet, and I think that's OK. ... I'm going to have as many as Hailey is willing to push out. I'd love to have myself a little tribe. It's her body and whatever she wants to do."

Two years later, the Drop the Mic alum told WSJ. Magazine that she "definitely" didn't want to put pressure on herself to get pregnant. "There's this thing that happens for women when you get married. Everybody always assumes it's: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby," she said in January 2022. "Well, what about all the things I want to accomplish in my business? I think I had it ingrained in my head that I was going to want to have kids right away and I was going to want to have kids super, super young. Then I turned 25 and I'm like, 'I'm still super, super young!'"

Along with navigating their own individual struggles — both Hailey and Justin experienced health scares in 2022 — the twosome have faced intense scrutiny in the public eye. Earlier this year, Gomez, 30, defended the Arizona native following a lengthy back and forth on social media which reignited rumors of a feud between the women.

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"Hailey Bieber reached out to me and let me know that she has been receiving death threats and such hateful negativity," the Disney Channel alum wrote via her Instagram Story in March. "This isn't what I stand for. No one should have to experience hate or bullying."

One month later, Hailey shed more light on how the drama impacted her mental health. "I like to make jokes about how I feel because sometimes it's easier than admitting I'm having a hard time," she wrote via her Instagram Story. "But truthfully since 2023 started I have had some of the saddest, hardest moments I've ever had in my adult life and my mind and emotions have been fragile to say the least. And I know so many other people feel the same way I feel, so just know you're not alone 🫶."

Following Hailey's revelation, a source exclusively told Us Weekly that Justin was heartbroken over her struggles. "He loves his wife more than anything and knows she has a heart of gold. ... Justin knows that life is all about the ups and downs, and he knows she'll get through this," the insider told Us.