Hailey Bieber Puts an Edgy Leather Spin on the Little Black Dress

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Hailey Bieber dressed up yesterday in a leather little black dress ensemble truly perfect for hot girl fall—and an Ellen DeGeneres Show appearance. Hailey paired a Khaite strapless patent leather top with a sweetheart neckline with a matching mini skirt from the brand. Stylist Karla Welch put the look together, and both she and Hailey shared photos on their Instagrams. “🔥 #LBD on #HB 🔥 #haileybieber #theellenshow #khaite #pockets,” Welch wrote.

Both the skirt and top are available for those who want to recreate the look:

Hailey spoke to InStyle in August about her fall style, which definitely leans more cozy on an off-duty day. She said, “I'm like, so big on a big chunky jacket or a big chunky coat. I feel like if you know anything about my style, you know that I'm always in the most absurd oversized stuff because I just find it very comfortable and it feels like me. So I always think for the fall, a really great oversized blazer, a really great chunky knit sweater, a great coat. I feel like those three things are always super, super in my rotation.”

She also addressed her date night style, where an LBD is more likely to make an appearance. Generally, the right outfit, “it depends on where you're going. If I was going to maybe a fancier restaurant or a fancier dinner, I might dress up a little bit more,” she said. “I would maybe do a little dress with heels, or a fun skirt and a blazer with heels. But if we're going somewhere that's a bit more casual—for example, we had date night the other night and I wore a fun baggy pair of pants with a bucket hat and a T-shirt and jeans. Because to me, I always feel like the most beautiful or sexiest when I'm just comfortable and feel like myself. So that always depends on what my mood is that day.”

“If I'm feeling like it's a little black dress moment, then that's what I'm going to go for,” she continued. “If I'm feeling like it's a baggy jeans with heels and a blazer moment, that's what I'm going to go for. So it really depends on my mood. And I think that whatever makes you feel the most beautiful and comfortable is the best thing to go for on a date night because then you can just feel like yourself and be yourself. That's the best thing when you're dating someone, or married or engaged or whatever.”

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