Hailey Bieber Defends Her Faith When Questioned By Fans Over Halloween Costumes

Hailey Bieber chose to stand up and proudly share her faith with her millions of fans.

The model was enlisting the help of her followers for Halloween costume ideas. With October in full swing, the star wanted feedback on some possible costumes for this year and feedback on what she wore during previous years.

Hailey did an Insta Story Q&A and opened the floodgates to her fan's thoughts and opinions.

That's when some confused followers questioned her faith.


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She's A Proud Believer

"Aren't u a Christian?" a fan asked the star.

"Yes. I still dress up for Halloween," Bieber answered.

There are some people who believe that Halloween and the celebration of Halloween is a pagan practice and very un-Christian due to an alleged association with Satan.

Hailey also shared a fan's comment that straight up called her a phony.

"FAKE CHRISTIAN," the fan wrote but Hailey responded in a cute, non-confrontational way.

"Our kids are gonna celebrate too," Hailey stated.

They Both Want Kids

Interestingly enough, her husband, Justin Bieber, has been dropping strong hints that he is interested in becoming a father.

Justin shared an adorable video of a father playing with his son and they are both laughing historically.

"This is something I look forward to," Justin wrote in the caption of his post.

Slays From Back In The Day

Who knows when the newlyweds are going to have a child but we know their children will celebrate Halloween.

They will have some big shoes to fill because Hailey is one of the best when it comes to creative costumes.

She dressed up as Sandy from "Grease" on her first Halloween after moving out of her parent's house and she nailed her 80's workout Barbie outfit from the past.

Potential Costumes

She also shared some of her favorite ideas that were offered up by her followers.

Hailey liked the idea of being Catwoman, Harley Quinn, or Bride of Chucky. Spooky!