Hailey Baldwin Explains Her Recent Tweet About Justin Bieber


Hailey Baldwin (Photo: AP Images)

Boys. Who has time for them?

Hailey Baldwin sure doesn’t. Between maintaining her crazy social calendar and focusing on her blossoming career, the 19-year-old model has more pressing things to worry about than dating.

Just don’t let her cryptic tweets fool you.

The Twittersphere erupted Wednesday afternoon when Baldwin posted a picture of L.A. social icon Jerry Lorenzo Manuel holding a cardboard cutout of the face of her rumored flame, Justin Bieber. She captioned the photo “mood,” which left her followers curious about the pair’s relationship status.

But Baldwin says people are taking it way too seriously.

“Honestly, I just said ‘mood’ because I thought it was funny and it’s just, like, an inside joke,” Baldwin told Yahoo Celebrity at the grand opening of the U.S.’s first Magnum ice cream flagship store in New York City. “It wasn’t like ‘mood’ in any type of ‘let’s read into it this’ way!”

Of course, the Internet did just that. Fans hoping for a Justin and Hailey (“Team Jailey”) rekindling flooded her Twitter profile with their approval; other commenters made it clear that they would prefer to see Baldwin stay single.


“Jailey” (Photo: Instagram)

But Baldwin shrugs off the haters.

“I don’t really read all my mentions a lot,” she said.

Instead, Baldwin is focused on putting family — and her foot — before boyfriends. After breaking her foot not once but twice in the span of a single year, Baldwin is hoping to make a full recovery this time around.

“I definitely think I should consider listening to the doctor this time and doing the physical therapy so it doesn’t happen for a third time,” she said of her injury.

Baldwin revealed to her Twitter followers earlier this month that she ironically re-broke her foot in the same place and on the exact same day one year later. Ditching her medical boot for a few hours at the Magnum opening, Baldwin sported a pair of comfy black adidas Stan Smith Originals in lieu of heels as she made her own “Hailey original” ice cream bar (coated with the unique combination of sunflower seeds, coconut, and cornflower toppings).


Hailey opted for a pair of comfy kicks at the Magnum event. (Photo: AP Images)

When she’s not catering to her foot, she enjoys the moments she can catch up with the rest of the Baldwin clan.

“My dad’s mom is from Syracuse, N.Y., so a lot of the time we go up there,” she said. “And my dad has two sisters, and they have kids, so it’s just crazy. Family’s family at the end of the day, and we always have fun.”

The famous family recently got together to throw a party for her father, who, in case you didn’t know, is actor Stephen Baldwin.

“We just celebrated my dad’s 50th and that was cool, up in my parent’s house upstate,” she shared.

And, no, a certain blond heartthrob did not accompany her to the party despite, their May 5 reunion during the New York leg of Bieber’s Purpose World Tour.

“Just, like, close friends, old stories. It was good,” Baldwin said of their get-together.

After a brief pause, she corrected herself.

“It was great.”