Gypsy Rose Blanchard to Star in Lifetime Docuseries About Post-Prison Life

Following her interview Sunday night with ABC News, Gypsy Rose Blanchard will be the focus of a new reality/docuseries about her post-prison life on Lifetime, A&E Networks announced Monday.

“As a victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, Gypsy was abused for years by her mother and has lived her entire life in one prison or another… until now. The series follows Gypsy as she experiences life as a free woman, including finally living with her husband Ryan Anderson for the first time,” the network said in a press release.

“Millions have followed Gypsy’s story and are invested in seeing what is in store for her next. After a lifetime of trauma and serving her time, we are all rooting for Gypsy to embrace all that life has to offer and become the woman she always wanted to be,” Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP and head of programming for A&E, Lifetime and LMN, said in a statement.

Blanchard served served 8-and-a-half years of a 10-year prison sentence, and was released in late December. She pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2015 of second degree murder for her role in the death of her abusive mother, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard.

In June 2015, Blanchard’s boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, stabbed Dee Dee to death while she was in bed asleep. But during her trial, it was revealed that Blanchard’s mother had manipulated, malnourished and even poisoned her in a years-long factitious disorder imposed on another (FDIA) con. She was kept as a virtual prisoner during her childhood and young adulthood, as her mother convinced her that she was fatally ill and forced her to pretend to be years younger than she was.

The story inspired Hulu’s Emmy-winning series “The Act” and HBO’s 2017 documentary “Mommy Dead and Dearest.”

Since her release from prison, Blanchard has established a social media presence including an Instagram account with more than 8 million followers. She has also cowritten a new e-book, “Released: Conversations on The Eve of Freedom.”

Variety first reported the news.

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