Gwen Stefani struggles with ‘Voice’ Knockouts decision: ‘I'm gonna look like the big idiot’

Gwen Stefani had a tough decision to make when choosing who to eliminate from her team during Monday’s Knockout Rounds of “The Voice.” Especially after 14 year old Carter Rubin left everyone with goosebumps with his performance of “You Say,” and Chloé Hogan melted the audience with her strong rendition of “Weak.”

Stefani was not sure how to proceed, and even turned to the other coaches for advice. “What am I gonna do?” she asked. “There's no way. I give up.”

While she was leaning toward selecting Rubin, she admitted to Hogan, “If I don't pick you, you're going to become this huge star and I'm gonna look like the big idiot on 'The Voice' that, like, didn't pick you, and then John Legend takes you to fame."

Ultimately Stefani chose Rubin, but just as she predicted John Legend slammed that steal button and swooped up Hogan for his own team.