Guy Fieri's Son Is All Grown Up in High School Homecoming Photos

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Forget flavortown, Guy Fieri's son is headed to homecoming.

The chef's 16-year-old son Ryder shared photos from his recent fall homecoming dance on Instagram, which included snaps with his dad and his mom Lori Fieri. He captioned the Sept. 19 post, "Alexa, play 'Homecoming' by Kanye."

In the carousel of pics, Ryder can be seen posing for the camera with his group of friends, with another snap showing him and his date. The teenager's look for the evening included black pants and a button down collared shirt.

Ryder also had a white boutonniere pinned on his shirt while his date sported a matching corsage.

Guy's oldest son, Hunter, 26, took to the comments to hype up his little brother, writing, "STUD."

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As Ryder continues to celebrate big milestones in his life, Guy previously spoke about the ways he's making sure he's raising his son to be responsible. One big lesson he's been focused on teaching his son? Accountability while he's behind the wheel.

"You know what Ryder drove to school [when] he got his license? He got my parents' old, used 259,000-mile Chrysler minivan," Guy told People in a Sept. 7 interview. "I'm not buying Ryder a car, and I refuse to let him buy a car until he spends one year with no tickets, no accidents, driving the minivan."

Guy Fieri, Ryder

He added, "In no way is the practice a punishment. "It's a rite of passage."

Guy further broke down the exact steps Ryder would have to achieve for him to be able to purchase another vehicle.

"Show me that you can spend a year driving the car, not getting any dents, not getting any wrecks, not getting any tickets," Guy continued. "Prove that you've got it all together. Then you can take your own money out of the bank and go buy a car."

New car or not, Ryder's recent festivities was surely enough for the whole family to celebrate.

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