GUNTHER Isn’t Focused On Moments Or Names, Just Leaves Everything In The Ring

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GUNTHER is focused on giving his all.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard spoke with GUNTHER about the dynamic Imperium has. The Ring General was asked how he sees the group improving in 2024.

GUNTHER said he’s happy with how things are progressing, but time will show how things continue to evolve.

“In recent weeks, [Ludwig] Kaiser stepped up big time. It’s up to Gio to step up now, too. You can tell that with the more time we spend together, everybody’s growing. It makes for good experiences,” he explained. “As far as how it is now, I am happy with that. I wouldn’t change much about it but we’ll just see what the effect of time will do to [our dynamic].”

A side product of the effort

Plenty of WrestleMania matches stand the test of time because they resonate with the audience. Is there a match from the past that he would like one of his own to be compared with?

GUNTHER said he doesn’t look at specific matches in that regard, but just tries to put his best effort out in the ring.

“I don’t have any specific matches like that. I feel like the work that I do in the ring stands the test of time because it’s not really modern. It’s modern in a sense, but then it’s not really modern,” he clarified. “I’m not really focused on moments, names. I do the best that I can really do. And I feel like when you do that, you really leave everything you have in the ring, those moments or memorable matches come automatically. They are a side product of the effort.”

Check out our full interview with GUNTHER below:

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