The Gunns Don’t Care If FTR Returns To AEW, Didn’t Get Along With Them Backstage

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The Gunns detail their issues with FTR.

The Gunns recently spoke with WrestleZone about their tag team title defense at AEW Revolution. There, they will face off against three teams in their first title defense since beating The Acclaimed for the titles last month.

Two matches were held to determine two of the three opponents for The Gunns, and many fans speculated that FTR could be one of those teams. FTR did not appear and their absence from AEW continues. The last time fans saw Cash and Dax, The Gunns were credited with running FTR out of the company during a mock funeral segment.

Speaking with WrestleZone about the possibility that FTR returned as a potential feud for them, The Gunns said that chapter is done as far as they are concerned.

Colten: “I started about two years ago, and when we were young, we weren’t really allowed to watch wrestling that much because my dad was in the Attitude Era and you had people flicking each other off and telling people to suck it. We weren’t really allowed to watch it that much. When we got into [wrestling professionally], we had to look at a team that we wanted to emulate and wanted to be like and we just gravitated towards FTR. We would ask them questions all the time and we would constantly ask questions, look for guidance, and we respected them so much.

“We’ve wrestled them four times, and when we wrestled them for the first time, we were so excited. Right after that match, everything changed with FTR. They no longer saw us, ‘We’re helping you guys.’ They saw us as peers and saw exactly how good we were. They didn’t have time for us anymore, so we made it our vendetta that we were gonna end their legacy and we did. We beat them.”

Colten noted how FTR has never beaten them in a straight-up tag team match, and they don’t want to see FTR back in AEW either.

Colten: “The fourth time when it was just us and FTR, that’s it. Our dad wasn’t there. They didn’t have anybody. We beat them. And then we went out and held a funeral for them. We ended their legacy. That chapter’s done just like The Acclaimed chapter’s done. They are in our rearview. I do not like them. I do not want to see them come back. They can go to whatever promotion they want to go to, but we’re done with them. We ended that legacy. There’s no more 7-star FTR. Just The Gunns.”

Austin then brought up recent comments by Dax on his FTR with Dax Harwood podcast where he discussed The Gunns’ tag title win.

Austin: “I got sent a few things on Twitter that Dax was talking about us on his podcast and it just put all of that into perspective like — shoot — me and Colten don’t get along with FTR anymore backstage. So like he said, we don’t care where they go, we don’t care about their contracts, we don’t care about them coming back. But that’s a shoot, yeah, we don’t get along.

“We hate to see it come to that, and I never want to bash any other wrestlers, but I think they wanted to be these guys backstage where everyone came and asked them questions. They wanted to be the veterans backstage, and when me and Colten no longer asked them for advice, I think they took that personally, and now you feel it backstage. We don’t talk to them, they don’t talk to us. Head down in the hallway, or at least that’s how it was. I don’t care.”

Colten: “I don’t want to take anything away from what I just said, but they are a great tag team. They are Mount Rushmore tag teams of all time, but now we’re here. They have so many accomplishments and I want to surpass that. We got our first title within two years and everyone says maybe this is our peak, but this is just the beginning. Like Austin said, we’re learning on the fly as well. Me and Austin’s first tag match together was a championship match against Jurassic Express. This is just the beginning for us and [we’re] not taking anything away from those guys.”

The Gunns will defend their titles against The Acclaimed, Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal, and Danhausen & Orange Cassidy at AEW Revolution on March 5.

Check out our full interview with The Gunns below:

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