A guide to streaming ‘The Chosen’

Crews film a scene of Season 3 of “The Chosen,” which opens with the first two episodes in theaters on Nov. 18.
Crews film a scene of Season 3 of “The Chosen,” which opens with the first two episodes in theaters on Nov. 18. | The Chosen

“The Chosen” is an Angel Original series about the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus (Jonathan Roumie). Characters like Peter (Shahar Isaac) and Mary Magdalene (Elizabeth Tabish) also have their own storylines in the show.

Here’s a guide to how you can watch the show.


‘The Chosen’ streaming options

“The Chosen” is available to be streamed on several platforms including:

  • The Angel app and website.

  • The Chosen TV app and website.

  • Netflix.

  • Amazon Prime.

  • Peacock.

  • Tubo.

  • fubo TV.

  • BYU TV.

  • The CW.

  • Roku.

What episodes of ‘The Chosen’ are released?

The first three seasons of “The Chosen” are released and are available to stream for free.

What is ‘The Chosen’ rated?

“The Chosen” is rated PG.

‘The Chosen reviews

Here are three reviews of the show.

“Take it from a critic and a Christian with an aversion to Christian entertainment: The show is good. I’d stop short of calling ‘The Chosen’ a prestige drama, but it looks and feels downright secular. ... ‘The Chosen’s’ Jonathan Roumie plays Jesus as someone you’d actually like to hang out with, projecting divine gravity accented with easygoing warmth. He cracks jokes; he dances at parties,” Chris DeVille wrote for The Atlantic.

“The acting is excellent, the visuals stunning, the artistry superb, and it pays careful attention to historic details and Jewish culture. But perhaps the show’s most important feature is that it portrays the characters as human, especially Jesus. Many previous attempts to depict Christ on the screen have focused on his divinity, but what I appreciate about ‘The Chosen’ is that its creators acknowledge that we can never fully grasp his divinity,” Mary Grace Mangano wrote for America Magazine.

“The actors make characters like Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Peter seem approachable and relatable, real people living complicated lives. It feels more like a smartly written drama that happens to have the incarnate God as a main character than a typical religious drama,” Tish Harrison Warren wrote for The New York Times.


What TV channel is showing ‘The Chosen?’

“The Chosen” is broadcasted on CW every Sunday nights at 6 p.m. MT.

When will Season 4 of ‘The Chosen’ be released?

It’s expected to release in either January or February 2024, as I previously reported for Deseret News. Creator of “The Chosen” Dallas Jenkins said the season may be released in theaters.

How many total seasons of ‘The Chosen’ will there be?

It’s expected there will be seven seasons of “The Chosen.”