Gucci Removes All Rabbit Felt Products Following Fur-Free Commitment Controversy

Gucci has confirmed that it'll be pulling all products containing rabbit felt, after critics pointed out that the material didn't feel in line with the brand's fur-free commitment.

Ironically, the products in question featured in Gucci's recent Lunar New Year collection, celebrating the "Year of the Rabbit," which included a '100% rabbit felt' hat. The collection was promoted through adverts featuring bunnies in vibrant settings, which was later called out as being "in poor taste" by social media users and advocates.

Filmmaker and animal rights activist Rebecca Cappelli and Jadedigital writer Marcus Pentzek were a few of those who voiced their criticism of the collection and the brand's decision, which later resulted in Gucci pulling the products.

Initially, the brand explained that rabbit felt wasn't technically classed as fur as it's not used with the animal's skin attached to it, which is why they felt the material was in fact in line with its fur-free policy. According to BoF, Gucci stated that rabbit felt is "a co-product derived from the food supply chain in European farms."

Either way, the brand has since decided to discontinue the products, which we must admit was probably for the best.

In other controversial animals in fashion news, PETA recently spoke out in defence of Schiaparelli's lion dress.