GTA 6 skeptic promised to drink their own urine if there was an announcement this week - and now "the deed is done"

 GTA 5.
GTA 5.

Yesterday, one fan declared that if GTA 6 were officially announced this week, they would drink their own urine. They have now made good on that promise.

Earlier this week, rumors and reports began to circulate that a proper GTA 6 announcement was coming soon. Of course, between the leaks and Rockstar's acknowledgement of them, we already know the game is in the works, but it's never formally been announced. Technically, we don't even know for sure that it's going to be called Grand Theft Auto 6. With that in mind, a lot of series fans were skeptical that this would be the week for a major announcement.

One of those skeptics was Reddit user JohnnyRockhard62, who made a post saying that "If GTA 6 gets announced this week I'll drink my own piss." Pressed for details by other commenters who wouldn't let things go, JohnnyRockhard62 said that the "plan is to record a video of me pissing into a coffee cup with my weiner out of frame (because personal boundaries) then I'll drink it but without my face. I'll do some epic ASMR, I don't know."

You probably already know where this story is going. Rockstar did indeed officially announce GTA 6 earlier today, promising a trailer set to launch in early December. A few hours later, JohnnyRockhard62 updated their post, lamenting that it ended up being "less than a fucking day." That edit also included a link to a video from their YouTube account, appropriately named gta6pissdrinker.

Look, I have only skimmed the video because dear God I do not actually want to watch this, but it appears to make good on JohnnyRockhard62's initial promise. With no face or genitals visible, it would admittedly be pretty easy to fake the urine drinking - but honestly, I'm much happier about this whole story if it is fake. Everyone gets a fun story and nobody actually has to drink any urine. If it is real, well… I guess I can respect that too. I mean, maybe not respect, but… You get the idea.

One MMO player took much better odds on a bet that involved pouring "hot coffee on his butthole," and I'm not sure who ended up in the worse position here.