Groom arrives at wedding in patrol car, GA cops say. He didn’t want the bride to know

Walton County Sheriff's Office

A groom was worried about his bride seeing him arrive at their wedding in a sheriff’s patrol vehicle.

But had it not been for the deputies, the groom, who was involved in a car crash while driving to the venue, may have been late to the occasion, a Georgia sheriff’s office said.

“When a groom is on his way to his wedding and is involved in a traffic accident, who gets him to the wedding on time(?) We do,” the Walton County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post.

“REMEMBER to teach your loved ones to care about others not just themselves.”

Jon Dial had been driving with three of his groomsmen on Sept. 30 to the wedding venue in Monroe, about 45 miles east of Atlanta, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

His mother, Amylee Hammond, wrote on Facebook that everyone at the venue was trying to keep the bride, Morgan Dial, from finding out what had happened.

“(Deputies) were quickly on the scene,” Hammond wrote. “All while everyone at the venue were trying to keep Morgan from knowing what had happened or knowing that he wasn’t even there.

“Jon was promptly delivered by one of (the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office’s) finest. It went from disappointing, worrisome, being scared, to thanking God for providing protection and one of the most beautiful and perfect days I’ve ever witnessed!” she wrote.

The bride commented on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook post.

“Thank y’all for getting my guy there safe,” she wrote.

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