Gritty leads Fusion's walkout in Overwatch League season opener

An icon in Philly led the Philadelphia Fusion onto the stage at Blizzard Arena on Thursday night, marking the start of the Overwatch League’s second season.

Of course, we’re talking about Gritty.

After the squad was swept by the London Spitfire in the 2018 Grand Finals, Fusion got revenge in the rematch with a 3-1 victory. And the team was more than happy to share some of the credit with its new good luck charm.

Thursday was a big day for Gritty, who was also made aware of some exciting news and couldn’t help but share it with his fans.

Mascot, hype man, internet sensation and soon-to-be uncle. Gritty does it all.

Gritty leading the Philadelphia Fusion’s walkout
Gritty leading the Philadelphia Fusion’s walkout

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