'Grey's Anatomy' says goodbye to beloved characters with two weddings and a pregnancy

There was a lot going on in the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Not only was it the final episode for April Kepner and Arizona Robbins, but Alex Karev and Jo Wilson were also getting married — and that was just the beginning.

Last episode, we left April on a hospital bed after barely surviving a car accident. Well, she rebounded nicely and quit working at the hospital to help the homeless get the medical care they need. Meanwhile, Arizona revealed that the recent conversations she’s had with her ex, Callie, have been making her happy. Fans took to Twitter to express their delight with the idea of Arizona and Callie finally ending up together.

Although fans were not as excited about the finale’s cliffhanger. Dr. Teddy Altman returned to Grey Sloan, and the show ended with her admitting that she’s pregnant. Fans were upset about losing Arizona and April in return for Teddy, especially with Owen and Amelia’s relationship seemingly thriving.

Although the show itself had a very happy ending. Alex and Jo ended up getting married on a ferry, April and Michael took advantage of the original wedding location and got married, and there was even a wedding at the hospital. All the good feelings left some fans a bit confused by the unexpected happy ending.

Surely, the show will return to traumatizing its fans with all sorts of drama next season.

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