'Grey's Anatomy' viewers are devastated after saying goodbye to fan favorite for a second time

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On Grey's Anatomy Thursday night, Meredith Grey reunited with her late husband Derek Shepherd, portrayed by Patrick Dempsey, during one of her dream sequences on a beach, where she has been since falling into a coma due to her long battle with COVID-19.

Meredith had woken up from her COVID-induced coma in a previous episode, but on Thursday, her team discovered a blood clot in her liver, which prevented her from staying awake longer than two minutes.

While some viewers were freaking out that Meredith might not ever come back, they were also thrilled to see Meredith and Derek, aka MerDer, back together again.

Derek died in a car accident during Season 11, and on Thursday night's episode, Meredith asked Derek, "Were you in pain?" Derek heartbreakingly responded, "You know, the worst part was knowing they were getting it wrong. I didn't want to leave you."

"Dying is exhausting. You know that point as a surgeon, you've done everything for your patient. I could try and will them to fight, will them to live, but I never understood the level of exhaustion. There comes a point where the desire to rest overrides the desire to live. You got that," Derek told Meredith. "You gave me permission to go. You told me it was OK. You got me. You gave me everything I needed until my last breath."

Meredith told Derek that she too was tired. However, Derek told her, "People love you, Meredith. People need you. Your body's tired. But your soul, your soul won't even let me near you. You're still fighting." Then Grey's Anatomy gave fans, and Meredith and Derek's eldest daughter, Zola, what they always wanted — a wedding.

"You hate weddings," Derek told Meredith, who agreed. "I hate weddings. But I would give this to her if I could. What do you want me to promise," asked Meredith. "To torture yourself less," replied Derek. While the beach wedding was everything Grey's fans dreamed of, ultimately, Meredith told Derek that she wasn't ready to leave their children, signifying that she would once again say goodbye to the love of her life.

And even though Meredith waking up was exactly what fans had asked for, they were also devastated over the fact that they had to lose Derek all over again.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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