Grey’s Anatomy Promises to ‘Pay Off’ All That Season 20 Build-Up in a ‘Fiery… Edge-of-Your-Seat’ Finale

Tense… tenser… tensest. That’s the direction in which Grey’s Anatomy is hurtling as it careens toward its Season 20 finale. At SeriesFest in Denver, Colo., Meg Marinis teased that as she wrapped her first go-round as showrunner, houses of cards that have been swaying in the breeze threaten to altogether collapse.

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station 19 mashup

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“Heading towards the end of the season, because it’s a shorter season of 10 episodes because of the [writers’ and actors’] strikes,” she told our sister site Deadline, “we really pay off what we started in Episode 1 at the [front] end of the season: interns being in trouble, Meredith doing this secret research… ”

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Business as unusual for most places but kinda-sorta par for the course for anything-goes Grey Sloan. Nevertheless, Marinis promised, “Things come to a head.”

That could be extremely bad news right, left and center. The hospital’s new crop of surgical residents is on such thin ice with supervisor Bailey that they might never see the inside of an operating room again. (Honestly, the lot of them don’t seem to have met an order that they would follow, right?)

greys anatomy recap season 19 episode 8 all star
greys anatomy recap season 19 episode 8 all star

As for Meredith, moneybags boss Catherine has already warned her that, if she keeps challenging the conventional wisdom where Alzheimer’s research is concerned, she will very quickly find herself without funding. And if Meredith goes down, she could take with her coconspirators Amelia and Teddy.

Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen, described the season ender as “fiery,” and Camilla Luddington, aka Jo, forewarned that it was an “edge-of-your-seat” installment that was going to leave us with cliffhangers.

The Season 20 finale of Grey’s Anatomy is slated to air on Thursday, May 20. What are you hoping happens over the course of the episode? Answer in the comments.

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