Greentea Peng Announces New Mixtape ‘GREENZONE 108’

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Greentea Peng – Photo: Stefy Pocket (Courtesy of Good Machine)
Greentea Peng – Photo: Stefy Pocket (Courtesy of Good Machine)

Greentea Peng has announced details of a new mixtape titled GREENZONE 108, and shared a music video for its latest single, “Look To Him.”

The new mixtape will arrive on September 9 and will feature the recent tracks “Stuck In The Middle” and “Your Mind.” The British neo-soul artist worked with the likes of Nat Powers, Jon Mills, MJ Cole and Swindle, and St Francis Hotel on the record.

The title of the upcoming record was taken from the star’s – real name Aria Wells – recent visit to the latest Gypsy King fight, where she sat in the “green” area and felt “fully in the zone.” She added the number 108 as a nod to its properties as a “holy number representing spiritual completion.”

GREENZONE 108 is a free-flowing, open field of expression,” Greentea Peng said in a press release. “A collection of works accumulated over a transitional period of my life. An elevation of sorts from MAN MADE, in the sense that so much has changed and formed in the 2 years since that conception. GREENZONE108 is freer, less formed, and more of an open dialogue/ space exploring all different types of topics from spirituality and originality to mental health and politricks hence why this is a mixtape and not an album.”

The video for “Look To Him” accompanies the announcement. In it, a man cruises through streets standing on top of a car before another figure joins him and exerts power over him. In the meantime, Greentea is seen singing to the track from the roads of London.

“Look To Him” arrived last week (August 19), and, at the time, Greentea explained that it “explores the idea of originality and the notion of tapping into source energy for creativity and inspiration rather than just searching for it amongst your peers and surroundings.”

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GREENZONE 108 tracklist:

1. Feint
2. Lose My Mind
3. Look To Him
4. Stuck In The Middle
5. Your Mind
6. Our Father
7. Three Eyes Open
8. My Love
9. Bun Tough
10. Top Steppa

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