What’s the Greatest Underrated Movie Ever Made? Guillermo del Toro Picks ‘Catch Me If You Can’

Zack Sharf

Any list of Steven Spielberg’s best movies is bound to have classics like “Saving Private Ryan” and “Schindler’s List” at or near the top, but what about the director’s 2002 cat-and-mouse crime drama “Catch Me If You Can”? Unexpectedly, Guillermo del Toro recently singled out the film on Twitter as the greatest underrated movie ever made.

Released December 25, 2002, “Catch Me If You Can” paired Spielberg with actors Tom Hanks and and Leonardo DiCaprio. The latter played Frank Abagnale, a teenager who who carried out cons worth millions of dollars by posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot, a Georgia doctor, and a Louisiana parish prosecutor. Hanks played the detective who spent years trying to track Abagnale down. The film was based on a true story.

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Despite great reviews, sizable box office ($352 million worldwide opposite a $52 million budget), and two Oscar nominations, the film hasn’t stood the test of time like Spielberg’s greatest hits. Del Toro argues that should change, highlighting Spielberg’s “nimble camera-actor staging” and fluid camerawork as standouts from the film.

Read del Toro’s Twitter thread on “Catch Me If You Can” below.

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