Great news, Shalhoubophiles: Monk is getting a revival movie on Peacock

When in doubt, always go with the picture of the cast looking deranged while cutting their “Got to 100 episodes!” cake.

It’s been 14 years since Tony Shalhoub’s neurotic detective Adrian Monk last braved the Randy Newman-declared Jungle Out There, solving a whole host of USA (Network)-based crimes through the power of superior deduction and a TV-friendly version of OCD. But now that break in the chaos is over at last, as Peacock announced today that Shalhoub is returning for one Last Case, because that’s literally what they’re calling it: Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie.

Now, as fans of the series—which ran for eight seasons on USA, from 2002 to 2009—know, the show actually ended with Mr. Monk finally coming to terms with many of his more debilitating issues, the way so many of us do: By finally figuring out that Craig T. Nelson murdered his wife. (Ain’t it always the way?) But presumably he’ll have some new ones on hand for the movie—which is also recruiting most of the show’s cast to return as well, including co-stars Ted Levine, Traylor Howard, Jason Gray-Stanford, Melora Hardin, and Hector Elizondo. (No Bitty Schram, who co-starred in the show’s first few seasons, though; sorry, Sharona-heads.)

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Randy Newman - It’s a Jungle out There (Official Audio)

The plot, unsurprisingly, is wrapped up in Mr. Monk’s family relationships: Specifically, his step-daughter Molly (played by Alona Tal back in the day), who was revealed in the show’s final episode, and whose upcoming wedding is apparently imperiled by all those murders that are always happening around Adrian Monk.

In addition to the returning stars, Mr. Monk’s Last Case will also feature the return of series creator Andy Breckman, who’ll be serving as a writer for the film. No word yet on when the film will arrive for Monk fanatics to enjoy, but it’ll be on Peacock—where it’ll join all eight seasons of the original series when it does.

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