Grant Gustin's Next Post-The Flash Project Was His 'Original Dream As A Kid,' And I'm So Excited For Him

 Grant Gustin on The Flash on The CW.
Grant Gustin on The Flash on The CW.
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Before Grant Gustin was a superhero, he was a theater kid. Now, after The Flash came to a close on the 2023 TV schedule, the beloved DC actor will take his talents back to the stage as he makes his Broadway debut in the new musical Water for Elephants. As someone who has been a fan of the actor since his Glee days, I couldn’t be happier for him and this incredible news!

Not long after The Flash star was in a fun ad with Ryan Reynolds, he announced another exciting (and much bigger) project. Grant Gustin has a background in musical theater, and now that his schedule is free, he’s able to take a job on the stage. While he was “honored” to play Barry Allen for nearly a decade, making it to Broadway was a childhood dream of his. The actor told EW:

This was my original dream as a kid. I started tap dancing first as an 8-year-old and then theater at 10, and this is where I always wanted to be. It's very surreal and exciting and terrifying and all the appropriate emotions. I'm beyond thrilled to join the company. I can't wait to start rehearsals and meet everybody and get on stage again.

While we’ve seen Grant Gustin sing and dance in The Flash and on Glee, Water for Elephants -- which is based on Sara Gruen's bestselling book -- will be a true showcase of his musical talents. In the circus-based musical romance, he’ll play Jacob and Isabelle McCalla (who is known for her work in Broadway’s The Prom and Sucked) will play Marlena.

The Barry Allen actor went on to say that because he’s not doing The Flash anymore, he has time in his schedule to actually take on a musical. Calling Water for Elephants a “pinch me moment,” he said:

While doing my TV show, there was never a lot of time between seasons, but there were some opportunities that presented themselves — to come into something as a replacement. There were opportunities that were really tempting. And this is something I feel like I never could have dreamed of. The music is incredible and unique, and the role is a role that I'm really excited about as an actor. It really is a pinch me moment, and it doesn't really feel real to me yet. I haven't even jumped into rehearsals.

Personally, I can’t wait to see Grant Gustin in this production. I remember seeing him sing “Smooth Criminal” on Glee in 2012, and ever since, I’ve been hoping he would do a musical. Now, not only is he harnessing his musical talents, he’s getting to perform on Broadway! Talk about exciting! The actor also posted about his enthusiasm for the show and the Great White Way on Instagram, check out the sweet photo of him with the marquee:

Overall, it seems like Grant Gustin is over the moon about his next career move, and I’m so excited for him. You can see him on stage in Water for Elephants starting when their previews begin on February 24. The show will then officially open in the Imperial Theatre on March 21. If you aren’t in the New York City area, and are looking to see the actor do what he does best, you can stream The Flash with a Netflix subscription.