Grand Forks native to appear on NBC's Dancing With Myself

Jun. 21—GRAND FORKS — Lily Goehring started dancing at age 2.

That's when she enrolled at her first class at Dance Etc., in Grand Forks. She spent the next 10 years dancing out of that studio.

"They're my main dance family," said Goehring, who will be a high school junior in the fall.

Goehring has gone on to appear in a Blink 182 music video and on the show 'Chicken Girls.' But the Grand Forks native's biggest break will come tonight when she is featured on NBC's primetime show, 'Dancing With Myself,' at 9 p.m. Central.

Goehring will be one of 12 contestants performing in front of three celebrity judges — Shakira, Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy. The show is hosted by Camille Kostek.

There are six rounds of competition with the field getting smaller after each one. Both the audience and the judges help select who advances to each round. The last contestant standing receives a $25,000 prize.

The show was recorded in mid-March in Atlanta.

"The whole process and experience was unbelievable," said Goehring, who moved to Las Vegas four years ago. "I was extremely grateful to have this experience. When I was there filming for the show, I knew this was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I really was trying to enjoy it. I soaked it all in. I met the best people there who have inspired me."

Goehring began posting dance videos to




a couple of years ago — a suggestion by her mother, Laura. One video with her father, Karl, in it received more than a million views. Through her online presence, a casting director reached out to her in November 2021 to explain the Dancing With Myself.

That's when Goehring started going through the process.

"It has been a long process since then, sending in videos and interviews," she said. "I couldn't even put a number on (how many videos were sent in) — videos, interviews, paperwork. I was very fortunate to be picked."

They notified her about a week before filming that she had been selected and was going to be flying to Atlanta for the show.

"It was pretty interesting," Goehring said of the experience. "The main part was getting to meet everyone who was a part of it. . . to meet everyone from the different episodes. We were all in the same hotel. We filmed some TikToks together."

Goehring was in Atlanta for a week. It culminated with a rehearsal day, then a recording day.

"It was nerve-wracking before we started," she said. "Once I started dancing and performing, that's when I start to get in the zone and let my body take over. But prior to that, I was very much in an adrenaline rush."

Goehring said she plans to watch the show at home Tuesday night with some friends.

"It was an unbelievable experience that I'll never forget," she said.