Who Is Gracie Abrams? Meet the Singer and Songwriter Who’s Collaborating With Taylor Swift

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Gracie Abrams may be an up-and-coming artist, but the singer-songwriter has already collaborated with music’s biggest names. Most recently, Gracie worked with Taylor Swift – but that isn’t the first time that the dynamic duo collectively made fabulous music! Ladies and gentlemen, here’s everything to know about Gracie Abrams.

Who Are Gracie Abrams’ Parents?

Gracie was born into the entertainment industry after her parents, J.J. and Katie Abrams, on September 7, 1999. They got married three years prior.

The family patriarch is a renowned television and film creator and director. Remember Jennifer Garner’s breakout role in Alias? Well, J.J. created the five-season series which ran from 2001 to 2005.

Grab your Lightsabers and all hail J.J., because he directed a few of the award-winning franchise films.

Katie, on the other hand, embarked on a marvelous career as a political aid. However, she transitioned into Hollywood and cofounded Bad Robot production company with her hubby.

Does Gracie Abrams Have Siblings?

The “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” singer has two brothers, Henry and August Abrams.

What Is Gracie Abrams’ Job?

Gracie has been steamrolling through the music industry after the release of her 2020 EP, minor. She debuted her debut single "Mean It" the year prior.

Who Is Gracie Abrams? Meet the Singer and Songwriter
Who Is Gracie Abrams? Meet the Singer and Songwriter

The “I know it won’t work” singer released her second EP, This Is What It Feels Like, in October 2021, followed by her debut album, Good Riddance, in February 2023.

Gracie is set to drop her upcoming album, The Secret of Us on June 21, 2024.

“Selfishly, songwriting is my own personal outlet, and so to make it public in any way whatsoever, you risk hurting [someone’s] feelings,” she told The Independent in 2022. “I guess I’m just trying to be a good person given the outlet that I’ve chosen, so I’ll approach the people I’m writing about to check in with them. I’ve got to do a lot of that this year.

Which Music Artists Has Gracie Abrams Worked With?

Gracie dropped the single “Unlearn” on March 24, 2021, alongside collaborator and Selena Gomez’s boyfriend, Benny Blanco, as the pair

Shortly after releasing This Is What It Feels Like, Gracie hit the road and opened up for Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour Tour in 2022. The following year, Gracie not only attended Taylor’s Eras tour, but opened up for the sold-out shows! The “tehe” singer will join the pop legend in the second leg of her 2024 tour.

Gracie got a nod from The Recording Academy when she was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2024 Grammys.

On May 13, 2024, Gracie officially announced her ​ album The Secret of Us and the tracklist via Instagram. All of the songs are solo acts, except for the song “us,” which features Taylor.

“LETS HEAR IT FOR THE TAYGRACIE GIRLS,” one fan wrote in the comments section. A second person wrote, “TAYLOR SWIFT FEATURE IS CRAZY!!! CONGRATS.”