Government-Funded Scientists Sought Out Aborted Minority Babies for Research

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh received at least $2.7 million in federal funds to study fetal organs and attempted to retrieve half their samples from the aborted babies of minorities, according to documents released Tuesday.

The National Institutes of Health has overseen experiments on fetal tissue at the University of Pittsburgh since 2015, from aborted fetuses ranging from six to 42 weeks, or two weeks past what is widely considered to be full-term.

For the particular study in question, the grant request specified that half the samples must come from aborted fetuses of minorities, including at least 25 percent from African American women, according to documents obtained by the Center for Medical Progress and Judicial Watch..

“Projects funded by the National Institutes of Health must ensure appropriate inclusion of women and minorities,” David Seldin, the university’s assistant vice chancellor for news, told Fox News on Thursday. “They should also ensure distribution of the study reflects the population needed to accomplish the scientific goals of the study.”

Seldin said that “one of the goals is to support researchers looking for treatments and cures for kidney disease,” which disproportionately affects minorities. Seldin added that researchers have “no part in any decisions as to timing, method, or procedures used to terminate the pregnancy.”

CMP founder and president David Daleiden slammed the university in a statement on Tuesday.

“The NIH grant application for just one of Pitt’s numerous experiments with aborted infants reads like an episode of American Horror Story,” Daleiden said. “Law enforcement and public officials should act immediately to bring the next Kermit Gosnell to justice under the law.”

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