‘Gotham’ Recap: It Takes a Lot to Stop Theo Galavan

Theo Galavan was killed again, and again, and again on Gotham, but this time it appears that he’ll stay dead. The former mayor of Gotham, who was shot to death, had been resurrected by Dr. Hugo Strange and made to believe that he was a mythical knight named Azrael. Galavan’s resurrection left him with superhuman abilities that almost made it appear as though he was immortal, almost.

Galavan originally had his sights set on killing James Gordon, but upon remembering his former life, he changed his objective to killing Bruce Wayne. As Azrael, he stormed Wayne Manor and hunted down Gotham’s darling.

Galavan thought he had trapped Bruce in the garage, but instead, Bruce struck Galavan with his car, driving him through a wall. This didn’t kill Galavan, but it bought enough time to allow Jim Gordon to get there and shoot him.

Unfortunately that also didn’t finish the job, but luckily Oswald Cobblepot showed up with a missile launcher and vaporized Galavan once and for all.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

See how Strange tricked Galavan into thinking he was Azrael:

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