'They Got Me': Railway Protester Evicted After Weeks in Tunnel

A campaigner against a planned high-speed railway line in the UK was evicted from a protest site in London on February 22 after more than three weeks spent underground in a tunnel dug there by the HS2 Rebellion group.

Larch Maxey, of the HS2 Rebellion group, can be seen in this video announcing he’s leaving the tunnel, at Euston Square Gardens. Maxey said enforcement agents took all his belongings and “backed [him] into a corner”. He says in the video he will continue to support “those that are still down here.”

The group told Storyful four people remained underground.

The video goes on to show Maxey back above ground. He says he’s been advised to have a medical checkup.

Several others who have already left the tunnel in recent days are facing charges, the BBC said. Credit: HS2 Rebellion via Storyful