'We Got Some Messiness Happening': Law And Order: Organized Crime Star Reveals Cast Reactions To That Wild Premiere Ending Twist

 Jet, Bell, and Reyes in Law & Order: Organized Crime's Season 4 premiere.
Jet, Bell, and Reyes in Law & Order: Organized Crime's Season 4 premiere.

Warning: major spoilers are ahead for the Season 4 premiere of Law & Order: Organized Crime.

The long-awaited return of Law & Order: Organized Crime in the 2024 TV schedule picked up months after the death of Jamie Whelan back in the Season 3 finale, but that tragedy was still fresh for the friends and coworkers he left behind. The various characters found different ways of navigating grief, with Stabler burying himself in his work and Bell striving to make sure that nothing like Jamie's death ever happens again. As for Jet and Reyes... well, the cliffhanger reveal made it clear that they're not dealing in a very healthy way, and actress Danielle Moné Truitt shared how the cast reacted to the shocker.

The shocker, of course, being that Jet and Reyes began having an affair over the course of the time jump. Given that the two were absolutely devastated by losing Jamie at the end of Season 3 (available streaming via Peacock Premium subscription), it's not surprising that they've had a hard time dealing, but family man Reyes and Jet? Not even the cast saw that coming! When I spoke with Danielle Moné Truitt ahead of the fourth season premiere, she addressed the #1 most shocking development from the episode, saying:

I think the biggest, of course, the biggest thing that everybody will be talking about is Jet and Reyes are having an affair. [laughs] So that should be interesting! I'm really looking forward to hearing what the fans are going to say and what they're gonna think about that. [laughs] When we got the script and we read that, we were all like, 'Oh, okay. We got some drama. We got some messiness happening in OC!' [laughs] That is the biggest spoiler. That is the spoiler for sure for Episode 1.

"Some messiness" indeed! Organized Crime has a new showrunner in Season 4, with Breaking Bad alum John Shiban on board in the top job. Truitt explained that scripts for the new season are "very grounded," and he brings a "little more gravitas" to the show based on his Breaking Bad work. The actress' comments also suggest that fans can count on some continuity, so surely there's no way that this Jet/Reyes affair won't be a mess, right? I'd say so!

When I noted to Danielle Moné Truitt that I actually did a double take when I saw the reveal of the affair, she responded:

I did too! In the script, I was like, 'Wait, let me scroll back up, because this is not...' And then I texted Ainsley [Seiger] and Rick [Gonzalez], and I was like .[laughs]. I said, 'Did you guys get the script?' They were like, 'Yes.' I was like, Oh! How are y'all feeling about that?' It was a hilarious text conversation that we had about it. Very funny.

Well, this is certainly a storyline that Ainsley Seiger and Rick Gonzalez haven't performed together before! Jet did find herself in a tangled romantic situation back in Season 3 when she got a little too close with a criminal when she was undercover, resulting in a harrowing kidnapping. She also called out a "double standard" for when Stabler crosses lines undercover. Personally, I absolutely cannot wait for Stabler to find out about the affair, assuming that happens! As for Bell, I've been hoping for more of her and Jet bonding as well; this seems like a storyline that may require a heart-to-heart from the sergeant to the younger detective.

Elsewhere in the Season 4 premiere, Stabler returned from his undercover work, and the whole team joined forces to take down a fentanyl operation. Bell brought in an AI consultant, to the delight of Jet and dread of Terminator fan Reyes. Jet, Reyes, and Stabler were all exposed to the drug, but all bounced back by the end of the hour with treatment.

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