It got high praise in Utah and just got nominated for a Grammy. But ‘Shucked’ will soon close on Broadway

Caroline Innerbichler, center, and the cast of “Shucked.” “Shucked,” which had its premiere in Salt Lake City, will close on Broadway in January.
Caroline Innerbichler, center, and the cast of “Shucked.” “Shucked,” which had its premiere in Salt Lake City, will close on Broadway in January. | BW Productions
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Although it earned nine Tony nominations, has been praised by critics and recently earned a Grammy nomination for best musical theater album, the musical “Shucked” will soon be playing its final Broadway show.

“Shucked” — which had a successful premiere in Utah before landing on Broadway — will close at the Nederlander Theatre on Jan. 14, roughly nine months after its Broadway debut.


Why is ‘Shucked’ closing on Broadway?

“Shucked” hasn’t shared an official reason for the production getting shuttered on Broadway. The musical’s producers are reportedly considering looking for another Broadway venue, but it may be tricky to pull that off amid a busy spring season, Deadline reported.

Earlier this month, “Shucked” was playing to about 85% of its theater capacity, generating $751,828 for the week ending Oct. 8, per Deadline. Revenue for “Shucked” has been fairly consistent, and it appeared the production was gaining more traction due to a marketing campaign with Reba McEntire, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

What is ‘Shucked’ about?

“Shucked” introduces viewers to Cobb County, where a tall wall of prosperous corn shields residents from the outside world, per the Deseret News. People in Cobb County have zero interest in interacting with anyone beyond their wall of corn, but when an unknown source threatens that livelihood, the townspeople begrudgingly accept they may have to reach out for help.

Maizy, the story’s heroine, rises to the occasion and travels to Tampa, Florida, in search of a corn doctor, who she finds in a podiatrist/ineffectual con man named Gordy Jackson.

Through countless puns, and traditional theater music with a country music twist, “Shucked” “explores a number of themes, including the clash of values between a small town and big city, the importance of keeping an open mind, and working through division to achieve unity,” the Deseret News previously reported.

“Shucked” has a ragtag group of powerhouse names behind it. Robert Horn, who wrote the story, won a Tony for his work on “Tootsie”; Jack O’Brien, who is the director, has also won Tonys for his direction of “Henry IV” and “The Coast of Utopia”; and then there’s the Nashville duo behind the songs — singer Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally, who have written for some of the biggest stars in the music industry, including Kasey Musgraves, Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson.

Horn spoke with the Deseret News before “Shucked” landed on Broadway. At the time, the musical was in its premiere run in Salt Lake City, and the writer was savoring each night. While he was hopeful the musical would make it to Broadway, he was satisfied just to watch people from different walks of life come together to sit in a dark theater and laugh at the same thing.

“There’s this misconception that art is only wonderful if it’s on 10 square blocks in New York City,” Horn said. “But there are theaters all over the country and all over the world that are doing incredible work that is Broadway worthy but never goes to Broadway.”

What’s next for the musical ‘Shucked’?

People haven’t seen the last of “Shucked.”

The musical is scheduled for a North American tour that will travel to more than 30 cities starting in the fall of 2024, Variety reported. It will also play on London’s West End in the winter of 2025, and have a run in Australia in 2026, per Broadway World.