Gospel Singer Collapses And Dies On Stage Mid-Performance [VIDEO]


A sad incident occurred during a music show when Brazilian gospel singer Pedro Henrique collapsed on the stage and died mid-performance.

The shocking video of the moment showed Henrique beautifully singing for the audience as usual before suddenly lifting his arms and then crashing to the ground, stunning everyone at the show.

Henrique was reportedly performing at a religious show in Brazil when the tragedy unfolded. Following his fall, he was rushed away to a nearby clinic, where he was confirmed dead.

Warning: The Video May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers

Brazilian Gospel Artist Pedro Henrique Dies On Stage While Singing

Henrique passed away on Wednesday while performing at a religious event held in Brazil. As seen in a video clip of the incident shared online, the 30-year-old, who was dressed in an all-white outfit, could be seen performing and interacting with his audience.

At some point during the performance, the now-late singer raised his right hand, holding the microphone up into the air before suddenly collapsing on the stage.

The second he fell, people rushed towards the gospel artist to assist him, with a mortified audience watching it all unfold. Henrique, unresponsive, was rushed to a nearby clinic, where he was pronounced dead.

According to a report, the singer's record label claims that he suffered a massive heart attack.

Fans Pay Tribute To Pedro Henrique

Following his passing, fans and admirers of the late singer took to social media to pay tribute.

One person wrote, "My God opened social networks in the morning and the news I immediately saw was the death of the singer Pedro Henrique, so far the chip has not fallen, what a golden voice this boy had, I heard so much his praises, his songs were often a balm in my life when I was going through turbulent moments and listening to your praises and praying to the Lord, so God calmed my heart."

They added, "Christian music is mourning the death of this great singer. He will never be forgotten, he was a great man of God, his legacy will never die, it was to live with the Father."

Another fan wrote, "I will remember you with great affection. Thank you for being this young man so full of joy, full of anointing."

"May Heavenly Father's comfort and grace be upon all family and friends. We are eternal in God and one day he will wipe every tear from our eyes. Receive my affection," wrote a fellow Brazilian gospel singer, Nivea Soares.

A fourth person said, "God's purpose [is] God's and he knows all things. I wish strength to family and friends in this very difficult time and that all pain is comforted by Jesus. Go home Pedro, your mission was accomplished successfully!! God bless you all!"

Rest in peace, Pedro Henrique.