Gordon Ramsay Takes James Corden on a Hilarious Ride to the Airport

The Late Late Show is hitting the road. Beginning Tuesday, the show will be airing from London, which means that James Corden and Reggie Watts needed to get to the airport, and who better to give them a ride than the affable Gordon Ramsay? Of course, it didn’t take long for Ramsay to regret being nice enough, and foolish enough, to give them a ride.

James Corden performs 'Crosswalk the Musical: Mary Poppins' in London (Photo: Craig Sugden/CBS)
James Corden performs Crosswalk the Musical: Mary Poppins in London. (Photo: Craig Sugden/CBS)

Watts took advantage of being in a car with two Englishmen and asked where he should eat while in London. Unfortunately, Corden and Ramsay couldn’t quite agree on a place, as Corden named restaurants owned by Ramsay’s competitors, Jamie Oliver and Wolfgang Puck.

Corden then decided to play a game with the increasingly frustrated host of The F Word. Corden gave Ramsay hints at a word beginning with F, and Ramsay had to guess what that F word was. Apparently Ramsay hadn’t been a big fan of Friends back in the day, because Corden and Watts repeatedly did the clap from the theme song, and Ramsay never got it. But they tried over and over and over again.

Corden continued his assault on Ramsay’s patience when he asked repeatedly and in quick succession if Ramsay could see the sign for British Airways.

But when they finally arrived at the terminal, Corden gave Ramsay the thank-you that every friend deserves for giving another friend a ride to LAX: a round of applause. Of course, it was in the form of the Friends clap.

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