Gordon Ramsay Faces Backlash Over His Attempt to 'Elevate' a Popular Puerto Rican Food

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Gordon Ramsay/Youtube

Gordon Ramsay is facing backlash over a recent episode of his YouTube series, Scrambled: On the Road.

The celebrity chef shared a video of himself attempting to make pegao, a Puerto Rican culinary term that refers to the crispy rice that cooks around the edge and bottom of the pot. In the video, Ramsay refered to pegao as a "Puerto Rican crispy rice dish," and some followers pointed out that he mislabeled the food.

"We love you Gordon Ramsay but what the hell was that?," one commenter wrote. "Gordon, that is NOT 'pegao' lmfao….Still, thanks for the visit and for sharing your 'INVENTION' with us and the world."

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"Gordon literally made up a 'Puerto Rican' dish, that's not my grandmother's pegao my guy, but we appreciate the love," another wrote.

Puerto Rican-born chef and recipe developer Reina Gascon-Lopez spoke with Today to explain what pegao is, saying that it's not a dish itself but more of a technique that belongs in many Puerto Rican recipes.

"What's most problematic here is that with the reach and size of his audience, his fans are going to take what he says at face value, even when a dish is incorrectly named and/or executed," she told the publication.

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According to Today, the video was originally titled "Can Gordon Ramsay Elevate a Puerto Rican Rice Dish?" but has since been changed to read "Can Gordon Ramsay Make a Puerto Rican Crispy Rice Dish?"

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In the video, Ramsay calls pegao a "beautiful dish" and then asks, "How do you elevate that? How do you lift that up to the next level?"

A representative for Ramsay did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment about the episode.