Good Fight Boss Explains Episode 2's Dark Peter Florrick Twist

The following story contains spoilers about the second episode of The Good Fight‘s current sixth season — proceed at your own peril.

Eli Gold didn’t just bring his pent-up potty mouth to this week’s The Good Fight — he came armed with some juicy Good Wife intel, too.

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As we recently teased, Episode 2 of the Paramount+ legal drama’s sixth and final season finds Alan Cumming’s Eli providing Diane (Christine Baranski) with a present-day update on Alicia and Peter Florrick, the legacy Good Wife characters originated by Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth, respectively, both of whom were last seen in the series’ 2016 finale.

According to Eli, Alicia has since relocated to New York City, where she has started her own law firm. During the scene, Diane notes that she has remained estranged from her former colleague and friend in the wake of that slap heard ’round the world.

Peter, meanwhile, has not fared nearly as well. Eli confirms to Diane that Alicia’s estranged, corruption-addled husband — who was forced to step down as Governor of Illinois in the final episode of The Good Wife — is back in an orange jumpsuit. Although Eli does not detail the specific scandal that led to Peter’s latest stint in the pokey (in a somewhat awkward parallel to Noth’s current woes, a sex scandal landed Peter in jail the first time around), series co-creator/EP Robert King explains to TVLine, “Because of what was happening with governors in Illinois and so many of them ending up in prison it felt organic.”

Regarding Alicia’s move to the Big Apple, King says, “It felt like once she broke up with [Peter] that she would remake her life, and that might be in New York — [especially] given that Julianna  lives in New York. It didn’t seem like a stretch to think that’s what Alicia was doing.” (And, yes, King confirms that Peter and Alicia are now officially divorced.)

Eli and Diane’s catch-up was actually a last-minute addition to the episode, King reveals. “We were going through the episode and we realized there weren’t enough scenes with Eil and Diane, because Eli’s [storyline] was much more about his daughter [Marissa],” he shares. “So we thought about what they’d talk about if they sat down together, and they’d talk about what they have in common and where those people are.”

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