Golfer Paige Spirinac Files Restraining Order Against Olivia Wilde’s Obsessed Fan

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Golfer Paige Spiranac is filing a restraining order against an alleged stalker.

The 30-year-old athlete from Wheat Ridge, Colorado is a professional golfer and influencer who was dubbed Maxim’s “World’s Sexiest Woman” last summer.

The social media sensation has attracted plenty of fans and 3.8 million followers on Instagram, including one alleged stalker who has also been accused of stalking actress and director Olivia Wilde!

Paige Spiranac Claims That Alleged Stalker Has Been Following Her To Tournaments


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Paige Spiranac at The 2019 ESPYS presented by Capital One at the Microsoft Theater on July 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

According to exclusive documents obtained by The Blast, Paige claims that she is being stalked by a 32-year-old man named Eric Fuhs who has been following her to tournaments. In the court documents, she says that she has become "extremely anxious and scared" as a result of the alleged stalking.

"Even though much of my career involves making public appearances, I have been scared to share my location with fans. I am scared for my safety," she wrote. "I am extremely troubled by Mr. Fuhs' delusional belief that he has been communicating with me. I fear that without a restraining order, Mr. Fuhs will continue to attempt to see me, particularly when I have to travel to the Los Angeles area for work."

She went on to say that she became aware that Fuhs already has a civil restraining order against him due to his alleged stalking of actress Olivia Wilde. That restraining order will remain in effect until May 3, 2024. In addition, it seems Paige has even more reason to fear for her safety, as she became aware that he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in December 2022 in Los Angeles, California, and has a prior history of stalking and violence.

Paige Says That Alleged Stalker Followed Her To Nevada For Golf Tournament

Paige Spiranac Has Had A ‘Crazy Couple Of Weeks’
Instagram | Paige Spiranac

Although Fuhs reportedly resides in Los Angeles, Paige believes that he followed her all the way to Nevada when she was competing in a golf tournament in South Lake Tahoe in July 2022. The tournament lasted from July 4 to July 10. On July 9, she said that a spectator called her over and asked for a photograph while she was warming up shortly before her scheduled tee time.

Paige snapped the photo, unaware that the spectator was really Fuhs. "I am informed that Mr. Fuhs later posted that photograph on his social media and re-posted the picture as a 'throwback' on March 6, 2023," she wrote in the court filing. "After taking the photograph, Mr. Fuhs claimed that I had scammed him out of $10,000. Mr. Fuhs was acting in a hostile manner and I became fearful."

Who Is The Hottest Girl In Golf Grace Charis Or Paige Spiranac
Instagram | Paige Spiranac

Paige stated that she was confused because she had never him before and called over her representative, Jeremy Aisenberg, so she did not miss her scheduled tee time. Paige insists that she only took one photograph with him at the golf tournament and had never communicated with him before that. "I have no desire to see Mr. Fuchs or communicate with him," she wrote. "There is absolutely no reason or legitimate purpose for him to contact me."

At the time of this writing, Fuhs has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Paige, her home, and her workplace, which includes "golf courses and other locations when she is making public appearances." A court hearing is scheduled for next month.

Paige Spiranac Has Had A ‘Crazy Couple Of Weeks’

Paige Spiranac Has Had A ‘Crazy Couple Of Weeks’
Instagram | Paige Spiranac

In her latest Instagram post, the social media sensation shared a few photos as she wrote, “What a crazy couple of weeks!” It seems she’s had a lot on her plate, as she revealed that she “raised a ton of money’ with Jerry Kelly at the Geneva National Resort. She also had her own Bobblehead night with the Brewers and even threw out the first pitch!

She also cohosted the L.A. Golf party and “worked on something really exciting,” so it sounds like she is about to make a big announcement in the near future! She also revealed that she worked on a fun collaboration with the Bob Does Sports crew.

Fans were hopeful that the new announcement that she has yet to make is related to her subscription-based content site called OnlyPaige. The website was created in January of this year and is described as a one-stop shop for “All Things Paige.”

Paige Spiranac Has Had A ‘Crazy Couple Of Weeks’
Instagram | Paige Spiranac

In addition to live streams and Q&As with fans, Paige also gives fans a look at her life both in the golf world and the modeling industry. In an interview with Forbes announcing the website, the star athlete explained, “My followers have been asking me forever to join a subscription site and I really love the idea of a subscription program but I wanted to do it in a way that felt comfortable to me and felt authentic.”

“We wanted to make this a little different, feel a little more personal, and also have the golf content be elevated,” she said, adding that, “it’s been a long journey of figuring out what it was going to look like and make all my followers really happy.”