Goldie Hawn once gave Kate Hudson a giant magnolia to symbolize the realities of childbirth

Despite being a dynamic mother-daughter duo, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson haven’t done a talk show interview together, until Thursday.

The two appeared on Ellen, and Hawn didn’t hesitate to bring up an intimate subject about the pregnancy gift she once gave Hudson — who appeared very pregnant and admitted she was due any minute.

“I first brought her a magnolia,” Hawn said of one of Hudson’s previous pregnancies. Hudson jumped in to interpret the gesture, saying, “She wanted me to think of my vagina as a magnolia flower.” “Exactly!” Hawn added.

As Ellen looked on, and the audience laughed, Hudson said, “I never want to think of my vagina that big.”

Hudson is expecting her third child — a girl — and in April shared the news with her fans in an amazing gender-reveal ceremony.

This will be Hawn’s sixth grandchild and throughout her and Hudson’s appearance on Ellen, she shared further symbolic — and feminine — interpretations.

During a “Burning Questions” segment, Hudson recalls how she “borrowed” her mom’s Ferrari when she was 16. “It drove like a vagina,” Hawn said.

Even while she was promoting her ‘70s-inspired collection for Hudson’s Fabletics athleisure brand, Hawn — with some help from Ellen — diverted the subject matter to familiar territory.

“You know what the meaning of a lotus is?” she asked Ellen while showing off a pattern. Ellen guessed “vagina?” to which Hawn said, “Actually, close — wisdom.”

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