Golden Retriever Not So Sure About New Shoes

A golden retriever from County Westmeath, Ireland, became a TikTok hit thanks to footage of his initially unsure reaction to a new set of boots bought to stop him from slipping.

The footage was shot by Hannah Philip, owner of Yogi. She shared the video to a TikTok account dedicated to the dog on July 2, with Yogi’s hilarious struggles with the new shoes watched just under 20,000 times since.

The dog also boasts an Instagram account (@yogi__thegolden). Philip told Storyful the pooch is a six-year-old “who is loveable and goofy”.

She said, “He has little quirks that make him unique. He loves all people so much and has a heart of gold.” Credit: @yogi__thegolden via Storyful