The Golden Bachelorette announced, gives reaction to Gerry & Theresa's divorce

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From frontrunner to leading lady, ABC announced that Joan Vassos will take the lead as the first Golden Bachelorette.

Vassos made her first appearance on the first season of the Golden Bachelor franchise for three weeks before departing show for a family matter. She was due to return to production and continue to get her second chance at love, but sadly the plans did not work out, according to a report.

After being revealed as the first 'Golden Bachelorette,' she spoke briefly about 'The Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner and, our Jersey Gal, Theresa Nist's journey and deciding to divorce after three months of marriage.

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"I was surprised. I loved watching their journey, I saw them fall in love. I believed just like they did, that they were the perfect couple. And I applaud that they jumped into this process, like with both feet, ready to find love and they knew what true love was. They both had it. And I applaud them for doing that, and when they discovered that it wasn't perfect, they called it quits and its not the end of the world and we have to let them live their journey and follow their hearts."

Gerry Turner had some encouraging words for the newly golden.

"From one golden to another ... Relax, breathe and enjoy," he wrote on Instagram.

Theresa Nist, also congratulated Vassos on her become the Golden Bachelorette. "My dear friend, Joan, I am so excited for you!!," she wrote on Instagram.

Joan Vassos is a 61 year old mother of four and a grandmother of two. She became widowed after 32 years of marriage. She is a school administrator and is from Rockland, Maryland.

The Golden Bachelorette will air at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays this fall, and have a runtime for an hour and a half.

This article originally appeared on Asbury Park Press: Joan Vassos new Golden Bachelorette, talks Gerry & Theresa divorce